24 hours a day

24 hours a day…
7 days a week…

I don’t have time.
I’m too busy.
Excuses – no matter how legit it may seem… It’s not.

24 hours a day…

We all have time. We can choose to use it wisely or waste it. People say time management is the key!
Books have been published by successful men, lectures can be taken about the “how to’s,” and of course the trusty world wide web will definitely have a take on this.

24 hours!

Is there a point to all of this?
Well, yes… I think! :-)
So I was looking through YouTube and I saw one music video with a woman translating in ASL (american sign language) the lyrics.

***Flash back…

***🎶 When you don’t see his plan
When you can’t trace his hand
Trust His heart 🎶, a woman singing…

Me – ears focused on the singer but eyes focused at my mom.
I was seated in a pew behind a few of our deaf congregation at that time.
My mom – translating the song in ASL.
I was trying to catch words from her signing.

15 years back or more I’m guessing…


How many 24 hours has passed since then? Nostalgia? Realizations? Reminiscing? Regrets?
Over whelmed, I’ll say.
A sea of different emotions flushed through me.

How time flies!
How different am I now from then!
How thankful I am that our family is still complete.
Thoughts of love lost and love gained.

24 hours

Some wasted, some were time well spent.
Time past is time lost forever.

They say…

Cherish every minute.
– Can you? When someone’s testing your patience?

Time is gold.
– your 24 hours today, where did you allot it to?
Or have you thrown your gold to the pigs?

Love like it’s forever and live like all you got is today.
– are you prepared to die after your 24 hours is over?

Empty words, most of the time.

24 hours.

Spend it wisely.
All we got is today.
Tomorrow is a future you can’t control.
Yesterday is a day lost to the past.

Whereas ye know not what shall be on the morrow. For what is your life? It is even a vapour, that appeareth for a little time, and then vanisheth away.



30 Pair of Shoes


What have you got to show for your 2013?
A great big house? A million $$$?

We all looked back into what the year was.
Some try to write a resolution, some say I’m not making one but mentally jots down their Not To Do List.

Nowadays, it’s The Bucket List…
Some have checked, re-checked & triple checked their pink covered notepads for places they’ve visited & are now planning to visit —
Bucket either has a hole in the bottom or it just never gets full..

So, I was cleaning the other day – well, it’s not a regular thing… (LOL)
rather an out of the blue thing…..
I had to do something because I wanted to shuffle the house…
Re-decorate or re-design what I can, since It’s a big issue in renting houses here
(You can’t change the interiors – Floors, walls, paint – NO!)…
So, I started to re-arrange stuff that I knew was cluttered… MY SHOES>>>>

My 2013>>> Let me sum it up…

I’ve got 30 PAIRS OF SHOES and an empty pocket…
Didn’t know cleaning can be more than just cleaning!
I knew I had some shoes but not that many.
So, I forced myself to count…
First there was 5, then 10, then it was 20… then 30…

Why the heck do I have too many shoes?
I’ve got 4 pairs of black high heels? What’s up with that?
I’ve got 5 pairs of rubber shoes/sneakers!
I don’t run & it’s been six month since I’ve been to the gym to exercise!

10He that is faithful in that which is least is faithful also in much

So, it struck me! All the preachings about being a good steward.
A what you say? A STEWARD
This is not a sermon — It’s a realization, to me that is.

We have been blessed…
a loving family, a good paying job, a beautiful voice or a creative mind of a writer or a designer.

Blessings from God…
The Bible tells us that “We are stewards of God’s blessing.”
All those sermons from my dad, my mom — suddenly meant something..


Did I treasure the people I love?
What did I do with my money?
Did my voice sing praises to God or have I cursed every person who crossed me?
Did I use the skills God gave me to give Him glory or did I gain all the praise alone?

My answer… well…

that defines my whole year….

So, again, what have you got to show for 2013?
A secret burried six feet deep in the ground?
Any triumphs worth shouting?

Or is it all a blur coz you were drunk 70% of the year?
Or is it all papers that you see coz you’ve stuffed your face with work the whole year round.
Or do you see hearts flying around coz you’ve just had a baby or just got married!

Did GOD GET ALL THE GLORY or was the stage ALL OURS?

2013 IS HISTORY. Tomorrow is a Mystery.
May it be A Clean Heart Singing Praises to the Lord
& not another 30 More Pairs of Shoes to look back on at the end of 2014.

A review – ChicagotheMusicalDxb


It wasn’t Shakespeare.
It wasn’t a gala at the Queen’s Court.
It was a Broadway Musical Show: ChicagoTheMusical right here in Dubai.

Ladies in their gowns & high heels  escorted by men in clean suits – well some were..
Then there was us ordinary peeps –  in our  office clothes, others in jeans & button shirts…
Then the uber under dressed ones – in shorts…

Regardless of what we were wearing, we were all treated to a rather surprisingly GOOD show.

My expectations weren’t that high and it’s been years since I’ve seen a musical but I’ve always wondered what it would be like to watch a Broadway show.
Well, Dream Come True

& it came for free which was really nice!

Back to the show…

The stage was small but they were able to use it to it’s maximum potential.
Since the auditorium wasn’t fitted for productions like this, they had to put up 2  large screens on each side so people at the balcony can see the show better without straining their eyes or their necks.
Although the woman in front of me had binoculars —


Heavy gowns, women in gloves, men in peplums & tights.
Curly blonde hair, sleek brushed up men.
Light laughter, a clicking of a cane as a man walks in. 

Someone whispering:
“Lawn as white as driven snow;
Cyprus black as e’er was crow;
Gloves as sweet as damask roses.”
~ The Winter’s Tale (4.4.248-50)

As I was saying, they had at least a 100sqm stage. The band (approximately a 12 man band) was positioned in the middle and the actors had the front part to perform in and the sides to move in and out of the stage. They’ve set chairs at the sides, which was used as props in 1 song and was used by the cast to sit in when they’re not playing a  scene, which was really cool since they were still in plain sight.
They kept true to the music and to the story.

Kudos to the cast!
Brent Barret
Terra C MacLeod
Anne Horak – was really tempted to record your last solo song but didn’t. Beautiful Voice
& special kudos to
Todd Buonopane – great one!!
not a Mr. Cellophane after all since I bet all of us who watched walked out remembering you.

Two Thumbs Up

Cellophane, Mr. Cellophane shoulda been my name
Mr. Cellophane ’cause you can look right through me
Walk right by me and never know I’m there

Maybe this will be the start of Broadway shows having play dates here in Dubai.



We all meet different types of people everyday. Well some of us do.

On the commute to & from work, a new client or classmate or neighbor, a friend of a friend, some stranger asking for directions…

Needless to say the stranger who came my way today was UNCOUTH!

How you react to situations or how you let people get to you becomes who you are to the eyes on you at that certain moment.

We all try and build a reputation or a façade and in moments of weakness someone breaks through & exposes a little of the real you that you tried to hide.

Today’s that day… that stranger brought me to tears not because of some kind deed. But because I felt like I was treated rudely.


Ever had short encounters that ruined or made your day???


~~~  The croaking raven doth bellow for revenge.