Quotidie Gestarum – Daily Achievements

[fortunes & misfortunes of mine – since life is a journey of highs & lows] 

& if u got lost somehow – hover through the title Menus to get links for articles

I started the blog not to gather readers. It was a channel to write down things that I cannot tell people around me. It was for those times that I want to rant. Time where writing down my thoughts and my heart was the only thing that could quiet my mind.

You’re here. Thank you.

Who am I?

Just a no one based somewhere far from home, an o’le loony with a lot to say. The solace of ANONYMITY is what keeps me here.

Read. Don’t read.

Comment or Don’t.

This is not much for the readers. This BLOG is more so for me. I admit, seeing the traffic spike up gives me a sense of thrill but it doesn’t overshadow the satisfaction I get of being able to write my thoughts down and letting it sail out there under the cloud of identity secrecy. 

If you enjoyed reading some of the articles – I am happy you did. If you didn’t, comment on it – It pays to have an intellectual discussion evey once in a while. 

– C –


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