A RESPONSE TO THE ARTICLE “Why Filipinos should stop supporting the King of Jordan and other related topics”


(In response to the said article above.)

(If you haven't read it… here is a link!DISCLAIMER: 2/3 of the link is a waste of time.


Let me get a census here, why did you read the article? (not for you who just read it now through the link!)

The picture got you, right? Me too.

"Why Filipinos Should Stop Supporting the King of Jordan and Other Related Topics."  — well, I had high expectations. I thought I was gonna trash a great article written by a misguided writer. Well, it was definitely a waste of time. I should've gotten the catch. It was more on the "OTHER RELATED TOPICS" than what the title promised it to be. There was so much babble. I lost interest at paragraph 2.

But let me not go off topic and feed you a hundred words of crap. 

Premise – Filipinos supporting the King of Jordan  – I assume he’s talking to us who are in agreement with the retaliation steps taken by the King in regards to ISIS burning the Jordanian Pilot ALIVE. Do not tell me I am taking this off point as he is well aware what the picture he posted is all about.

So,  let’s throw out the crap and discuss his article  



  • This is not what we applaud him for. It is not about how many wives or mistresses he has. It is not about how much money he has pocketed. I nod my head at the King for how he has reacted to the situation at hand – Moaz Al-Kasasbeh (Jordanian Pilot) being burned alive. Let’s respect the dead and call him by his name, since we all insist on giving our point of view. Moaz Al-Kasasbeh is not some victim in a CSI or any TV series for that matter. He was a man just like any of us with family, with loved ones, colleagues and friends.
  • “ Corruption in Jordan is one of the world’s worst”   – Get your facts right! They are #55 not 47! Oh, and by the way… Philippines is at #85 (transparency results).  

    Since you try so hard to discredit the King and half assed try to defend PNoy indirectly (by claiming you are neither Red nor Yellow). Jordan is corrupt but so is the Philippines.


    I RAISE MY HAT TO THE KING for waging war against these people because it would be what I would ask of my KING or PRESIDENT if I was in the place of any of the loved-ones of the victims beheaded or burned or gunned to death! Not a ruler who is absent when the whole country is grieving. Not a President who is out breaking champagne over some new cars. Not a Monarch who is hiding behind closed doors pretending to be in a very important meeting.


POINTS 2 & 3 – babble babble babble.  

  • Remember when you were in highschool and you needed to write an essay so you try and string up sentences from different songs… yeah – this is this part…. Blah blah blah


  • His words… “Short sighted measures” “Ignoring the causes of the problem” “never experienced it 1st hand” “I do still support the Bangsamoro Basic Law” “…musings of a Filipino nation, which is itself an imagined community.”

He calls the Filipino Nation an imagined community yet recognizes Bangsamoro Government – a product of a rebel group. He calls war as short sighted measures! Look back, MILF is what? Why do we have peace talks again with them? Oh, yeah, because of the wars they rage against the Philippine Government recognized by the international community. The cause of the problem is ISIS… is MILF… should I go on?



  • Again, let’s call this paragraph another “extender” like how you mix a lot of vegetables in your dish to cover up the truth that there is less meat… a lot less meat than how he would like us to believe.


Now allow me to speak more freely.

ISIS – is a rebel group. They do not stand for what Muslims believe. Muslim communities have condemned them. They are murderers and terrorists, barbaric people who use brute force to get what they want and to extend their territories. They kill not for what they believe in but for their own selfish pleasures. DO NOT DOWNPLAY what they have done. They have gone online for everyone to see how they behead or burn people for their so called “ideals.” And this writer calls us IDIOTS for supporting KING ABDULLAH?!?!

Well, Mr. Allen Severino, You are the IDIOT! You try and excuse ISIS for being who they are because of the previous wars. “…a product of the greatest historical blunders of the previous century.” BLAMING THE PAST! Sometimes life deals us with lemons, should we all turn and behead people who cross us? Or should I gather a group of friends and start writing our own constitution and demand to be recognized as a country and start shooting people who goes beyond my "assumed" territory?


Conclusion – you are either BLACK OR WHITE – NO GRAY

I’ll let the readers decide.


You said, “The rhetoric that WE SHOULD NOT NEGOTIATE WITH TERRORISTS will still remain as a joke for the succeeding generations as the testament of a narrow minded and short sighted policy… creating monsters…”


Monsters are not created by rules imposed or policies in place. Monsters are terrorists and rebels who are fed with pride by what they accomplish by bullying, scaring or killing people. These are men who’s works… no, let me correct myself… these are people who’s murders and crimes are justified by people like you patting their back. You do not negotiate with a rapist who has 5 women tied in his house and say, “Look, you can abuse one girl but let the other 4 free!”  You do not negotiate with murderers and say, “We’ll let you kill 10 but let the others go!” AND YOU DO NOT LET 44 MEN BE MURDERED AND BE GUNNED TO DEATH AND SAY, “OH, IT WAS JUST A MISENCOUNTER. LET’S MOVE ON AND TALK ABOUT THAT PEACE AND NEW GOVERNMENT FOR YOUR GROUP!”


The King of Jordan recognized who he is to Moaz Al-Kasasbeh (Jordanian Pilot) and his family. He was their King and as a King he stepped up to his responsibilities and waged war for what was done to Moaz. PNoy DID NOT RECOGNIZE WHO HE WAS TO THE FALLEN 44. He was their Commander in Chief but he failed to be that by not being there. Such a shame.

And Shame on You for being half assed in what you believe in.

So, where do you stand, Mr. Severino? Are you with ISIS? Are you a supporter of MILF? Are you defending PNoy for being M.I.A.?  THERE IS NO GRAY. Write an article that actually states what you believe in. Don’t just throw heavy words here and there to get attention without committing to anything.




a sucker for a bargain

I’m a sucker for a bargain.

50% Off, red signs with SALE written on it glaring at me and the lot!

UAE has made sure we don’t ever get off that SALE TRAIN, as the country has a lot of “sale seasons” splashed throughout the year: DSS (Dubai Summer Surprises), DSF (Dubai Shopping Festival), Gitex and then there’s EID and Ramadan (deals are way better during this time).

But let me tell you of my not so secret SECRET.

I’ve never shunned new stuff. Who doesn’t love the feeling of un-boxing a new mobile phone or that latest Smart TV? Or smelling that distinct “NEW” smell of a brand new pair of kicks? Or that somewhat exciting feeling of trying on that dress again at home, after trying it at the store for more than a couple of times? I do.

But this is more about the 2nd hand “bargains” that are available here.

Objections? Did I lose your interest? “2nd Hand” you say? Do I smell a hint of disgust in the air, when that question grazed through?

Well YES! You heard me right, 2nd hand items! No, we don’t have a salvation army here – although, that’s not a bad thought.

So a few years back, I stumbled on this new site Dubizzle, (Free advertising for them! LOL), I wasn’t searching for some 2nd hand stuff. It was more of a real estate hunt. But, like most people I browsed through and saw some very interesting deals. — There you go again, with your negativity about 2nd hand items! As I was saying, the site was quiet interesting. Products vary widely, from real estate renting and selling to mobile phones to services such as nanny services to photography to concert tickets. Aside from the wide variety of products, items were not sold under one specific organization but by individuals. It was more like the Craig’s List of UAE. So, if you pick poorly and you don’t do your research, you end up with what people normally expect from 2nd hand items – a full load of CRAP.

Why buy 2nd hand? Is it safe? Am I getting my moneys worth? Will it last?

These are valid concerns. Another concern is that I’ll end up with a fake item.

Aside from the site being my main real estate hunting source, I started buying items bit by bit through dubizzle.

So here’s my list:

1. Blackberry Storm (the first full touch screen of BB, or should I say press screen since you had to press it back then!)

AED 500 – 600 at that time and approximate retail price was at 1200. ✓ – Pristine.  Don’t remember how long it lasted or if I handed it down to a sibling. But I’m guessing it was more than a year. So, ✓ – money’s worth. ✓ – saved approx AED 600

2. Blackberry Bold 9700

AED 600, approximate retail price at that time AED 2,200.✓ – Pristine. Lasted more than 2 years. ✓ – money’s worth. ✓ – saved approx AED 1600

3. Wii Mario Edition (RED) with 2 Game CDs included

AED 600, Console price at that time AED 1,400 plus the Mario Game at AED 300. I know! I got the Red Wii as a gift to my sister. While I had the White one a few months before that. Bought the Mario Game (exactly what the Red one comes bundled with) for AED 300! ✓ – Pristine. Still working, it’s been 4 years or 3, I think. ✓ – money’s worth. ✓ – saved AED 1,100.

4. Blackberry Z10

AED 750, approximate retail price at that time AED 1,800. ✓ – Pristine. Still working at it’s 2nd year. ✓ – money’s worth. ✓ – saved approx AED 1050.

5. Automatic Washing Machine – Front Load

Am I nuts? Well, I’ll let you decide. It was owned by an a canadian/iranian old couple. They were selling it because the handle for the door had broken off. First 2 loads of the washing machine when I got it was empty – just water, soap and bleach to clean the inside. Cleaned the filter and the rubber sides where the door goes to and VIOLA! I knew I could use it for my own clothes. Wait…. the BEST PART?

Got it for a whooping… AED 100, retail price AED 1,600. It just gave up on me now, after 2 and 1/2 years!  ✓ hell yeah! – money’s worth. ✓ – saved approx AED 1500.  

6. One of my favorite buys – XBOX 360 bundled with 12 Games not counting the full games the previous owner downloaded sitting in the hard drive!

AED 600!! Unbelievable huh?!?, retail price AED 1400 for console, 300 per game. So, that totals to approximately AED 5,000. ✓ – Pristine. Still working. ✓ – money’s worth. ✓ – saved approx AED 4,400. Awww… I love the Dubizzle!

7. Bruno Mars Concert Tickets – 3Nos

AED 300, retail price AED 295 per ticket. Impossible you say?! Well, I got the tickets the same day of the concert! There are people who hoard tickets and sells it off at a higher price, right? There are those who has a lot of free passes but won’t go to watch the event (employees of company concert sponsors and the likes). So, I waited until the last day. It was a risk but a calculated one. The tickets would be useless to them if it doesn’t get sold! So, yeah. I got it for a hundred each! Picked it up the same day! VIOLA! PAARRTTYYY ✓ – money’s worth. ✓ – saved AED 585.

8. My latest buy – Lenovo Vibe X

AED 700, I was a little unhappy with the price as I have set a budget of AED 600, retail price AED 2,300 at that time. ✓ – Pristine – the first cracks or chipped off parts of the phone was by me. Still working, 6 – 8 months in. ✓ – money’s worth. ✓ – saved approx AED 1,700.

So, that totals to AED 12,535 worth of a bargain – less 20% (just to under estimate for a more realistic view) which amounts to AED 10, 028 bargain. Not bad. Not bad, indeed! 

Now, let’s go back to your concerns: 

Why buy 2nd hand? I think the AED 10, 028 strikes this out, right?

Is it safe? I haven’t had a accidents or disasters because of it – so Yes.

Am I getting my money’s worth? Will it last? Still asking? Scroll up and read again.

Finally, Will I end up with a fake item? Well, you don’t see fake blackberry’s right? How about Iphone or Samsung Phones? Well, before I got the Lenovo Vibe X, which is an extremely good phone! 13MP back camera and 5MP front camera (diverting), I did my research on the internet for a way to detect a fake phone. I got this: http://www.imei.info/ All you do is, while you still haven’t paid for the phone, type in the phone’s IMEI number into the site and it will tell you exactly what phone it is. If it’s right then you’ve got an original one. If not, then you walk away. Easy peasy! I’ve bought mostly blackberry’s since my company back then always used blackberry data services and plans. I never liked keeping 2 phones since I’ll most likely lose the other one but my company kept on providing the MOST CRAPPIEST blackberry model!  Hence, the constant blackberry stuff. A reason why 2nd hand gadgets are ideal here is because majority of the residents can afford the latest ones. A perfect example, 1st release day of Iphone 6 and 6plus – people lined up to get them. I’m not talking about the phone company offers, where you get a contract with them plus a free phone. I mean people who lined up and paid cash or card for the phone. I assume that these people have good working phones, probably the Iphone 5S. It simply meant that the “rich culture” has weaved itself under our skin:

“I gotta have the latest. I can afford it. I’ll buy it even if I don’t need it!”

As a smart consumer, you step back and wonder – So, where do the old phones go? I doubt that they passed it on to their younger sister as I’m assuming they would also want the latest one! Right on! They sell it for a bargain. Barely used, good working condition. It’s all out there for the picking. You just have to be smart and careful about it.

Buying 2nd hand doesn’t mean buying crap or being such a cheapskate! Well, I’ll admit to the 2nd part. I am such a sucker for a bargain! Tilt your head down a little and drop your nose. We are all attracted to Bargains, Deals, Sale. From the richest to the poor – no one will turn away a discount. 

Christmas season is over. Maybe I should have written this before hand.

Can pass as a shopping tip!



Last Puff of Cool Wind

18C tonight

Sandstorm yesterday… a windy day today. 

Temperatures have been hiking up and dropping down the last few days.

If you've lived long enough in UAE you can more or less predict where it's all heading – – – SUMMER!

It's the LAST FEW PUFFs OF COOL WIND…. soon (in a week or less) it's going to peak at 35C, then gradually rise to 40C then hopefully it extends by the end of March until it peaks at 44C (111F).

What I do requires me to drive a lot daily. And it's not a pleasant ride all the time.

There are times that it takes 20mins to cool the car at 10AM and less than a minute to turn it into a microwave – actually, as soon as you shut off the A/C it's like turning on the heater full up!




So, winds blow on… let the cool air huff and puff as long as it wills… Summer, I ain't missing you yet!



Normal UAE Summer Heat Schedule:

5am – 9am: 40-42C

10am – 1pm: 44-45C

2pm – 5pm: 45C – 46C  

*in some days it reaches over 50C – 52C (122F – 125F) but will not be declared as it would mean all companies would have to send their people home.

**in my x number of years here, it hasn't gone over 52C yet, I think that's the upside of the whole UAE Summer



a voracious reader

When do you exactly say that you are one?

After your 100th book?

Should it all be text books or self-help books? Does a comic book count or a book by Danielle Steel?




I remember my "lola" (grandma in our native language) reading the Bible out-loud in the wee hours of the morning, before sunrise.

I remember my mom, not allowing us to run and play on weekends until I've read one story (in English – not my native language) from a row of red hardbound books filled with short stories in it. And to ensure that I did read it, I would have to recount the story to her. I am at least 95% sure this part is true – was at a very young age then to remember it clearly. 5% tells me it's a story I made up in my mind. One of those stories – that adolescents weave in their imagination to add-on to the reasons why they hate their parents – am past that. An adult now. Over that teenage rebellion and hatred against parents, teachers or any authority for that matter.

I remember finishing my English Literary book even before classes had started.


I've just finished this book, "GENTLEMEN & PLAYERS" by Joanne Harris. And I have never been so intrigued and perplexed as to how to rate a book, hence the blog – as it won't let me sleep. I have been captured by Lee Child's "Persuader" that it lead me to buy and read almost 9 books from the Jack Reacher series in hopes that he would redeem himself and capture my interest again as what the "Persuader" had done. But to no avail. But "Gentlemen & Players" took me back to those weekends where I barely understood what I was reading. That hurried feeling of finishing the story and running out the door, out to the streets but held down in my seat with the intent of trying to understand and decipher the words in front of me. Back then I had to know what I was reading or else it would be pointless to finish the story and not be able to tell the story back to my mom. Now, it's that feeling of failure, that feeling of grasping at straws – trying to understand the story line, where it was going, not being able to predict the end or at least have that inclination as to how the book would end.


Yes, it is well written. Complicated for me. (Who's to say that you'd see it that way if you do decide to read it.) With Joanne (first name basis laugh) injecting a lot of latin and french one liners. With the book weaved like you are reading 2 stories that inter-twine one way or the other. For starters, the latin and french phrases had me scrambling for my phone for google translate. Secondly, in the middle of chapter 4 (I think), I got so lost (I'll explain in detail – in a bit) that I had re-read most points in the previous chapters. To disentangle it, let's regard it as a movie. Ah, "Harry Potter"! Imagine the movie being told from 2 sides. 1 from Harry's point of view then the other from Lord Voldemort's point of view. Now take those 2 stories (one in reality – but 2 truths, depending on who is narrating) weave them together inter-changing one after the other. Not to mention the twists like Severus Snape. Get it? Well, the book was like that. 2 Truths but 1 story which meshed all together at that last chapter. Took me a while to get the trend on where the 1st truth ends and where the 2nd truth starts. I did catch on but not sooner than I wished and then at the end she twisted it so that I had to narrate in my head the reasons where I based my conclusions but in defeat went back to some previous chapters and double checked my understanding of the story…. TWISTED! No, it's not the hunger games type of twisted but TWISTED in sorts that it challenges the readers to a point of mocking — "You think you know how it will end?"



So, do I consider myself a voracious reader? No. I have seen my grandmas & granddads read more than I do. I had seen books upon books in our library at home which I don't think my mom or dad just bought for display. But I do share their love for reading. I remember going to the library when I was in college – not because it had A/C and I can sleep there but because they had books written by Shakespeare or of Sir Thomas More and the likes – books written in Old English that just captures something in me… to the surprise of my comrades!



10Am. Both lounging in the sofa while he taps on the keypad, the machine beeping softly as he reads his updates. Her head in a book. Soft music in the background… a perfect weekend.

"Memoriam eius ex procul praeterita"