A review – ChicagotheMusicalDxb


It wasn’t Shakespeare.
It wasn’t a gala at the Queen’s Court.
It was a Broadway Musical Show: ChicagoTheMusical right here in Dubai.

Ladies in their gowns & high heels  escorted by men in clean suits – well some were..
Then there was us ordinary peeps –  in our  office clothes, others in jeans & button shirts…
Then the uber under dressed ones – in shorts…

Regardless of what we were wearing, we were all treated to a rather surprisingly GOOD show.

My expectations weren’t that high and it’s been years since I’ve seen a musicals

& it came for free which was really nice!

Back to the show…

The stage was small but they were able to use it to it’s maximum potential.
Since the auditorium wasn’t fitted for productions like this, they had to put up 2  large screens on each side so people at the balcony can see the show better without straining their eyes or their necks.
Although the woman in front of me had binoculars —


Heavy gowns, women in gloves, men in peplums & tights.
Curly blonde hair, sleek brushed up men.
Light laughter, a clicking of a cane as a man walks in. 

Someone whispering:
“Lawn as white as driven snow;
Cyprus black as e’er was crow;
Gloves as sweet as damask roses.”
~ The Winter’s Tale (4.4.248-50)

As I was saying, they had at least a 100sqm stage. The band (approximately a 12 man band) was positioned in the middle and the actors had the front part to perform in and the sides to move in and out of the stage. They’ve set chairs at the sides, which was used as props in 1 song and was used by the cast to sit in when they’re not playing a  scene, which was really cool since they were still in plain sight.
They kept true to the music and to the story.

Kudos to the cast!
Brent Barret
Terra C MacLeod
Anne Horak – was really tempted to record your last solo song but didn’t. Beautiful Voice
& special kudos to
Todd Buonopane – great one!!
not a Mr. Cellophane after all since I bet all of us who watched walked out remembering you.

Two Thumbs Up

Cellophane, Mr. Cellophane shoulda been my name
Mr. Cellophane ’cause you can look right through me
Walk right by me and never know I’m there

Maybe this will be the start of Broadway shows having play dates here in Dubai.



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