24 hours a day

24 hours a day…
7 days a week…

I don’t have time.
I’m too busy.
Excuses – no matter how legit it may seem… It’s not.

24 hours a day…

We all have time. We can choose to use it wisely or waste it. People say time management is the key!
Books have been published by successful men, lectures can be taken about the “how to’s,” and of course the trusty world wide web will definitely have a take on this.

24 hours!

Is there a point to all of this?
Well, yes… I think! 🙂
So I was looking through YouTube and I saw one music video with a woman translating in ASL (american sign language) the lyrics.

***Flash back…

***🎶 When you don’t see his plan
When you can’t trace his hand
Trust His heart 🎶, a woman singing…

Me – ears focused on the singer but eyes focused at my mom.
I was seated in a pew behind a few of our deaf congregation at that time.
My mom – translating the song in ASL.
I was trying to catch words from her signing.

15 years back or more I’m guessing…


How many 24 hours has passed since then? Nostalgia? Realizations? Reminiscing? Regrets?
Over whelmed, I’ll say.
A sea of different emotions flushed through me.

How time flies!
How different am I now from then!
How thankful I am that our family is still complete.
Thoughts of love lost and love gained.

24 hours

Some wasted, some were time well spent.
Time past is time lost forever.

They say…

Cherish every minute.
– Can you? When someone’s testing your patience?

Time is gold.
– your 24 hours today, where did you allot it to?
Or have you thrown your pearls out the window?

Love like it’s forever and live like all you got is today.
– are you prepared to die after your 24 hours is over?

Empty words, most of the time.

24 hours.

Spend it wisely.
All we got is today.
Tomorrow is a future you can’t control.
Yesterday is a day lost to the past.

Whereas ye know not what shall be on the morrow. For what is your life? It is even a vapour, that appeareth for a little time, and then vanisheth away.




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