A RESPONSE TO THE ARTICLE “Why Filipinos should stop supporting the King of Jordan and other related topics”


(In response to the said article above.)

(If you haven't read it… here is a link!DISCLAIMER: 2/3 of the link is a waste of time.


Let me get a census here, why did you read the article? (not for you who just read it now through the link!)

The picture got you, right? Me too.

"Why Filipinos Should Stop Supporting the King of Jordan and Other Related Topics."  — well, I had high expectations. I thought I was gonna trash a great article written by a misguided writer. Well, it was definitely a waste of time. I should've gotten the catch. It was more on the "OTHER RELATED TOPICS" than what the title promised it to be. There was so much babble. I lost interest at paragraph 2.

But let me not go off topic and feed you a hundred words of crap. 

Premise – Filipinos supporting the King of Jordan  – I assume he’s talking to us who are in agreement with the retaliation steps taken by the King in regards to ISIS burning the Jordanian Pilot ALIVE. Do not tell me I am taking this off point as he is well aware what the picture he posted is all about.

So,  let’s throw out the crap and discuss his article  



  • This is not what we applaud him for. It is not about how many wives or mistresses he has. It is not about how much money he has pocketed. I nod my head at the King for how he has reacted to the situation at hand – Moaz Al-Kasasbeh (Jordanian Pilot) being burned alive. Let’s respect the dead and call him by his name, since we all insist on giving our point of view. Moaz Al-Kasasbeh is not some victim in a CSI or any TV series for that matter. He was a man just like any of us with family, with loved ones, colleagues and friends.
  • “ Corruption in Jordan is one of the world’s worst”   – Get your facts right! They are #55 not 47! Oh, and by the way… Philippines is at #85 (transparency results).  

    Since you try so hard to discredit the King and half assed try to defend PNoy indirectly (by claiming you are neither Red nor Yellow). Jordan is corrupt but so is the Philippines.


    I RAISE MY HAT TO THE KING for waging war against these people because it would be what I would ask of my KING or PRESIDENT if I was in the place of any of the loved-ones of the victims beheaded or burned or gunned to death! Not a ruler who is absent when the whole country is grieving. Not a President who is out breaking champagne over some new cars. Not a Monarch who is hiding behind closed doors pretending to be in a very important meeting.


POINTS 2 & 3 – babble babble babble.  

  • Remember when you were in highschool and you needed to write an essay so you try and string up sentences from different songs… yeah – this is this part…. Blah blah blah


  • His words… “Short sighted measures” “Ignoring the causes of the problem” “never experienced it 1st hand” “I do still support the Bangsamoro Basic Law” “…musings of a Filipino nation, which is itself an imagined community.”

He calls the Filipino Nation an imagined community yet recognizes Bangsamoro Government – a product of a rebel group. He calls war as short sighted measures! Look back, MILF is what? Why do we have peace talks again with them? Oh, yeah, because of the wars they rage against the Philippine Government recognized by the international community. The cause of the problem is ISIS… is MILF… should I go on?



  • Again, let’s call this paragraph another “extender” like how you mix a lot of vegetables in your dish to cover up the truth that there is less meat… a lot less meat than how he would like us to believe.


Now allow me to speak more freely.

ISIS – is a rebel group. They do not stand for what Muslims believe. Muslim communities have condemned them. They are murderers and terrorists, barbaric people who use brute force to get what they want and to extend their territories. They kill not for what they believe in but for their own selfish pleasures. DO NOT DOWNPLAY what they have done. They have gone online for everyone to see how they behead or burn people for their so called “ideals.” And this writer calls us IDIOTS for supporting KING ABDULLAH?!?!

Well, Mr. Allen Severino, You are the IDIOT! You try and excuse ISIS for being who they are because of the previous wars. “…a product of the greatest historical blunders of the previous century.” BLAMING THE PAST! Sometimes life deals us with lemons, should we all turn and behead people who cross us? Or should I gather a group of friends and start writing our own constitution and demand to be recognized as a country and start shooting people who goes beyond my "assumed" territory?


Conclusion – you are either BLACK OR WHITE – NO GRAY

I’ll let the readers decide.


You said, “The rhetoric that WE SHOULD NOT NEGOTIATE WITH TERRORISTS will still remain as a joke for the succeeding generations as the testament of a narrow minded and short sighted policy… creating monsters…”


Monsters are not created by rules imposed or policies in place. Monsters are terrorists and rebels who are fed with pride by what they accomplish by bullying, scaring or killing people. These are men who’s works… no, let me correct myself… these are people who’s murders and crimes are justified by people like you patting their back. You do not negotiate with a rapist who has 5 women tied in his house and say, “Look, you can abuse one girl but let the other 4 free!”  You do not negotiate with murderers and say, “We’ll let you kill 10 but let the others go!” AND YOU DO NOT LET 44 MEN BE MURDERED AND BE GUNNED TO DEATH AND SAY, “OH, IT WAS JUST A MISENCOUNTER. LET’S MOVE ON AND TALK ABOUT THAT PEACE AND NEW GOVERNMENT FOR YOUR GROUP!”


The King of Jordan recognized who he is to Moaz Al-Kasasbeh (Jordanian Pilot) and his family. He was their King and as a King he stepped up to his responsibilities and waged war for what was done to Moaz. PNoy DID NOT RECOGNIZE WHO HE WAS TO THE FALLEN 44. He was their Commander in Chief but he failed to be that by not being there. Such a shame.

And Shame on You for being half assed in what you believe in.

So, where do you stand, Mr. Severino? Are you with ISIS? Are you a supporter of MILF? Are you defending PNoy for being M.I.A.?  THERE IS NO GRAY. Write an article that actually states what you believe in. Don’t just throw heavy words here and there to get attention without committing to anything.





2 thoughts on “A RESPONSE TO THE ARTICLE “Why Filipinos should stop supporting the King of Jordan and other related topics”

  1. I’ve read his article and that’s one of the most stupid “pro-peace” article I’ve ever read.

    So that guy’s suggesting that we should negotiate with Al Qaeda, ISIS, Boko Haram and other barbaric terrorist groups? His article is very “short-sighted.” He did not even propose any solutions. There’s a reason why all governments around the world don’t negotiate with terrorists. And it’s not because of war (or love of war) but because terrorists avoid peace and instead mock ALL policies against them. I hope for his next article, he writes about Yemen’s domestic terrorism issues. #NoToWar #YesToTerroristNegotiation

    • Lol… I wonder how he would start about Yemen’s issues. Not looking forward to it though, as it might just be a 10 paragraph article full of jiberish!

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