Last Puff of Cool Wind

18C tonight

Sandstorm yesterday… a windy day today. 

Temperatures have been hiking up and dropping down the last few days.

If you've lived long enough in UAE you can more or less predict where it's all heading – – – SUMMER!

It's the LAST FEW PUFFs OF COOL WIND…. soon (in a week or less) it's going to peak at 35C, then gradually rise to 40C then hopefully it extends by the end of March until it peaks at 44C (111F).

What I do requires me to drive a lot daily. And it's not a pleasant ride all the time.

There are times that it takes 20mins to cool the car at 10AM and less than a minute to turn it into a microwave – actually, as soon as you shut off the A/C it's like turning on the heater full up!




So, winds blow on… let the cool air huff and puff as long as it wills… Summer, I ain't missing you yet!



Normal UAE Summer Heat Schedule:

5am – 9am: 40-42C

10am – 1pm: 44-45C

2pm – 5pm: 45C – 46C  

*in some days it reaches over 50C – 52C (122F – 125F) but will not be declared as it would mean all companies would have to send their people home.

**in my x number of years here, it hasn't gone over 52C yet, I think that's the upside of the whole UAE Summer




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