“A Roller Coaster Ride: ALDUB – Eat Bulaga’s Kalye Serye”

I guess we’re all taking the time to pen down our thoughts. 

Let’s get right to it, shall we?

1st things 1st, Let’s set the premise for the whole ALDUB Phenomenon:

  1. Alden Richards & Maine Mendoza are both good actors.
  2. Maine has a crush on Alden
  3. The series started as an accident. Un-scripted. But has evolved into a genuinely unorthodox TV series. Now, Eat Bulaga‘s creative heads are huddled daily in a corner writing out storylines, where “SOME” (emphasis on some!!) scripts are written – proof: the Moral Lessons that we get from Lola. Those are all written scripts woven perfectly into the storylines. But being talented actors – Jose, Wally & Paolo are given free rein on their dialogues. Sabi nga ni Henyo Master – Joey De Leon, Walang tunay na script, in short, bahala ka! Pagalingan talaga, bawal ang tanga!”

What we all want to know is

– – – is the ALDEN & MAINE tandem for REAL & not just for REEL?

Yin & Yang?

Destiny? Fate?

GOD GAVE ME YOU – – – is the song being lived in their lives now?

May FOREVER na nga ba sila sa isa’t isa?

Those smiles that Alden tries to hide. Those vague answers. (I think he uses “pagdating ng tamang panahon as much as Lola Nidora does. & Yes! I wanna kick him in the shins every time he does.) The gifts, the split-screen kisses that makes us all jump & look around to see if someone noticed that we’re smiling wider than Yaya Dub! The pinky swear (need I elaborate this?!?). That forehead kiss yesterday (again, split-screen) that we all started attributing to REAL LOVE. Is Alden finally unable to hold himself back? Or is he really JUST THAT GOOD of an actor? Remember the premise?

I hear you starting to reason out…

No, those smiles are genuine. He mouthed, “Hi Baby” – that can’t just be acting! You’re starting to enumerate countless instances where it felt JUST RIGHT…

Just how LOVE should be

How about Maine? Are we really seeing her fall head over heels for Alden on LIVE TV? We knew she had a crush on him. And yes, I would say that bits & pieces of the real her oozes out through the screen whether her character is exchanging FS (fan signs) with Alden or she is in the midst of a discussion with the 3 Lolas. That 1st surprised look, that 1st day serves as our precedent in somehow being able to tell whether Maine is still in character or she’s being herself. And then again, she is a good actor too.

Am I in going in circles? YES, MOST PROBABLY.

Truth is only time will tell.


We can’t equate it. We can’t draw numbers from dates or time and predict their happy ending. We can’t keep lip reading Alden or keep counting how many times Maine covers her face and say, “Yeah, that one was real!” Watching KalyeSerye from day 1 a hundred times, will never be enough for us to know the TRUTH.

Alden will still be giving us vague answers (to our sheer disappointment!) and Maine (to us fans) would always be that crazy, pretty girl, who’s in love with Alden & No matter if she says “actingan lang un” we will never take her word for it.

Aren’t we all reading into it a BIT TOO MUCH?

The thought of them ending up together in real life is utterly charming – OUR (fans) own “Fairytale Dream” being embodied by two gorgeous people, who are perfect in our standards.

Alden: Tall & Handsome, a Gentleman, A good head on his shoulders

 – A prince even to the most crazed fan! Yet he keeps his head down & shows humility in spite of the crowd chanting his name everywhere he goes. He has proven himself in his craft but still remains to be our Boy Next Door.

Maine: Girl Next Door, Yes she is simple yet VERY BEAUTIFUL. We have yet to see the whole of who Maine Mendoza is but we are already enamored! 

– –  “D pa nag-sasalita yan & others are already threatened.”

To me she’s like a DIAMOND in the rough! A GEM but with bits & pieces that still needs to be smoothen out. Throw in some more time, some workshops and we will see how much BRIGHTER she can shine. Oh, don’t get me wrong. I am not saying that she’s not good now. But as in all other careers in life, EXPERIENCE will hone you to be better than who you were when you first started.

In conclusion, until they admit that it is love only then will we all know that it is real.


To EB Creative Team – Hats Off! You have captured our minds, you have pissed us off, you have made us love & admire every character – from Maine & Alden to the 3 lolas to the crazy assed Duhrizz to Chuckie (I mean Frankie) & even the bodyguards – Rogelios, Bernardos, Quandos! Our lives are totally roped in to every twist & turn of the story! Just don’t give us a “NOT SO HAPPY ENDING” when you write off KalyeSerye or else we’ll be shaking our heads in disgust with you for a while. Remember, FILIPINOs are such romantics that we died together with Romeo & Juliet in the movies, cried our eyes out in Stairway to Heaven and even took joy in the fact that DONGYAN had their share of forever.

To the lot of EatBulaga Dabarkads – THANK YOU. For stepping aside & letting ALDUB take the main stage & for letting us have Kalyeserye. To hear Allan K scream like we do in our own homes, offices, even in our cars (for those live streaming like me), to see TVJ being proud of the cast & seeing them laugh at the current episodes on play. To know that each dabarkad feels the same way as we do – wondering whether REAL LIFE is unfolding before us or not. Every episode is like riding the rollercoaster with you guys – Fun! Scary! People crying!  Even people cussin’ (when Lola Nidora gets in the way)! You are LOVED.

To JoWaPao – You three are A-M-A-Z-I-N-G!!! Seriously!

Oh, Wally! I have cussed at you! Screamed for you to shut up (when that plywood fell & you were doing your lines! UGGGHHH!!) But yes,  I am blown away with every character you play.

Jose, your dance moves are far from a 10 but yes, I would dance with you if I was watching you live! & When I hear Mambo #5, I start looking for stairs! Hahaha… & your Frankie role, geez, was disgustingly convincing! 

Paolo, I LOVE YAH! (LOL), Lola Tidora is so sassy & pretty! Your one-liners are so on point that you take us away from the “teleserye” feel & it all becomes comedic & light! Oh, & I love how you do your crazy shaking of the face whether it be surprise, kilig or what not.

You three guys make me howl in laughter every time.

To Alden – You are a great actor & I wish you more success. You’re on your way to the top. Everyone has got their fingers crossed & ready to swear that MaiDen is for REAL. But we can only hope smiley.

Senor Pedro is right! AS FANS – – – We want you to stop coloring between the lines. Stop hiding behind the “Tamang Panahon” Tagline. We itch to see where your heart really is. (not a demand, laugh as our fantasies may not be the same as yours, but since I’m writing, I reserve the right to say it as it is.)

To Maine – You are a breath of fresh air! Enjoy your new found career! There must be hundreds of people tirelessly giving you good advices, so I won’t (as I don’t think I am qualified to do so). We know that you will not be making funny faces forever as an actor and that your image would have to evolve into something else. Whatever that may be; let it be something that is YOU. You captured our hearts not because you had the grace of a beauty queen neither because you were uglier than us – but because you were not pretentious, because you were just being you.

We’re right behind you both… most probably stalking you.. hahahha

To us fans – Let’s back off a little, shall we? Stop demanding all of these guys to be at our beck & call. Stop asking sponsors to look at the TVCs being played differently at other stations. Stop trying to decipher every single move of Alden & Maine. Stop demanding the network to ensure that they are always together in every show, TVC, or event. 

I get it! We think they’re better off with each other. Heck, it’s their life! Let ‘em live it. It’s their network, Let ’em run it. We are not creative heads, Network Owners or even in the same industry for a reason. 


Maine Mendoza & Alden Richards

Maine Mendoza & Alden Richards


6 thoughts on ““A Roller Coaster Ride: ALDUB – Eat Bulaga’s Kalye Serye”

  1. On point! I especially echo your words to fans like me: back off a little! I guess this is a lesson that we have to learn every day. We go too far because we want what we want, we think what’s “best” for our idols. But really, it’s what we want for ourselves. Anyway, I hope in time we all learn to be chill about this.

    • Thanks, killer9tin. True. We do want what we want. We tend to get too emotionally involved. I sometimes do. 🙂 That’s why i said TO US FANS. LOL
      Thank you for reading.

  2. Hi! I’m happy that I was able to jumpstart your writing again. Like you, I was inspired by @vito_velky ‘s blog article yesterday, and that led me to writing my piece. I agree that there is a thin line between ‘Us’ and ‘Them’, but also do remember that Kalyeserye is a platform in experiment wherein the viewers are as much a part of it as the characters. The fourth wall has been broken down, and we’re all challeneged by the network, the actors, and the writers to interact and share our thoughts and observations.

    • Heya Señor Pedro! I’m glad I got to read what you penned down. I did read @vito_velky’s write up before that but yours just got the wheels of my head spinning. & for that Thank You. We get too caught up in life that there are parts of us that gets chipped off or set aside – sa kin that’s my writing. But hey! Somehow, I couldn’t shake off the feeling that I needed to write after reading yours.

      & to answer… Yes, the fans play a part in KS. You are right, the creative heads use twitter most likely to see which direction to go – but when I said back off – it’s mostly to those fans who go way overboard. Like demanding networks to explain themselves or sponsors to check why tvcs are different. Sometimes people do not see the difference between expressing and being demanding. The line becomes blurry & we start feeling that we have every right to ask these people to follow our beck & calls.

      In any case… lotta hugs to you. 🙂

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