Three Reasons to Celebrate

I’ve got three reasons to celebrate and because of these here is a more personal note today.


 Reason No. 1

It’s UAE day! Long weekend for us.


DSC_0288 a DSC_0321 a

Being in a foreign country for years – stopped counting after 3 – going out of town or checking in hotels every December 2 has been a tradition. This year we opted to stay in the capital. Evening plan was to watch the fireworks at the Corniche area.

And for the first time in years, I felt like we were harassed. The place was filled with Indians & Pakistanis who had foam & snow spray who targeted us. Let’s just say we weren’t one who’d take it without a fight. It was supposed to be a fun tradition but some have overstepped boundaries knowingly and abused the tradition. In less than 20 minutes we decided to head back to the hotel. The fireworks weren’t worth the harassment.

Aside from the very unpleasant, adrenaline rushing experience, Emiratis didn’t disappoint us, with their cars from simple old Toyotas to flashy Ferraris adorned with UAE Flags, pics of the Sheikhs and heart shaped flags.

Overall it was a NEW experience!

Yay! UAE! Happy 44th National Day!

Reason No. 2



(bought the cake to celebrate his birthday)

I have been and always will be a daddy’s kid. I remember my dad taking my side during fights with a sibling. I remember being chauffeured to and fro school until High School. I remember my dad enrolling me at UNI while I sat in the car – I was uninterested in going to UNI so he and my mom did everything for me. SPOILED, huh? Not really. I got spanked, beaten and grounded for being too naughty. I am just favored.

So, DAD, (he doesn’t know I have this blog – but still)….

DAD, I love you. I thank God every day for you. I pray he gives you more years, safety and good health.

You might not be perfect but so am I. I promise next year to celebrate your birthday beside you.


Reason No. 3

 Happy Two Years of blogging – ON & OFF – to me!

Without realizing it’s been 2 years! Who ever invented blogging – THANK YOU!



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