the Online World & Me

I remember the first time I got connected to the World Wide Web, I sat in front of the computer while my sister clicked on something at the screen then a dial tone came up, some dialing and that weird connecting sound it used to make back then… Toot tiit toot — swish. It took at least a couple of times before it got connected, but I was amazed and confused, I had no clue what the world wide web can do.

Back then our computer screen still had a big hump on its back, the mouse still had balls (LOL) and the whole computer still had its very own special table. My sister set up an email account for me. There was no Facebook, Twitter or even Friendster back then. I had no use for an email either but it was new, different and not everybody had access to it – so I was on a roll (or so I thought). Gradually I got accustomed to what I can do with it, well, it was mostly chat with random people on the net – AOL & ICQ… those were the days. (stop counting how old I am!)

Today, as we all know, the internet has developed to be more than just a better option for snail mail or random chat rooms when you’re bored. It is a source of knowledge, of movies, of music, of cooking recipes or a place of discussion for a variety of subjects. But this isn’t about how the internet has changed or developed, it’s about how it has affected my life and yours, if somehow you’re on the same boat.

Every time I wake up, one of the first things I do is grab my phone and look at my social media – Facebook connected me to relatives in Asia, US, Australia and even to friends who lives a drive away from me. Whether they liked it or not, they got daily updates of selfies or groufies from me and vice versa. I remember stories where expats used to send cassette tapes with recording of their voices telling stories to their families back home but now we’ve got skype or oovoo or any other app out there, whichever is preferred, that one can use to connect anywhere across the world. The world is quite different now. I’ve switched to Twitter since last year, barely update my Facebook but I keep it for all intents and purposes. Surprisingly, Twitter has proved to be very interesting. Online people: strangers, haters, opinionated warriors, nobodies trying to be somebodies, frustrated singers, untapped artists etc. But from total strangers to real friends, Impossible? I thought so, too! But now, I can say I’ve become friends with some people I’ve met online, an unlikely avenue but not impossible. Weird? Yes. You might start asking, “Don’t you have a life outside the internet?” “You must be one of those weird, geeky and awkward people.” I’m not. And those who I’ve met (online) aren’t either. Yes, you can pretend to be anyone you want to be behind the computer screen but you cannot fake intelligence, you cannot fake wit and neither can you fake having a personality worth interacting with. Hence, Yes, I found friends that has transcended offline. And, No, I don’t lack friends outside the internet either.

I’m writing cause these people deserve more than just a thank you from me and this is the best I’ve got: 

Meeting of Like Minds

From total strangers

To acquaintances then friends

Moved passed online dangers

To real life transcends

Seemed impossible and unreal


What was once fiction

Now is true with my whole heart’s conviction

When my physical world offered no solace

You were there to take its place

When I couldn’t speak my heart’s pain

The funny (crazy) stories kept me sane.

Never imagined how special this could be

A meeting of minds between you and me

And if data dies & I’m kept offline

Come visit, how about a glass of wine?

Let me thank you with these words

Remember my song through the chirping of birds

Forever grateful for what you’ve done

You became my light even without the sun

Thank you.




the Online World & Me

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