How Sobra is sobra?

I was asked… How sobra is sobra?

I did take offense at first… It felt like I was asked to strip & was placed under a microscope. I later found out why I was being asked and it wasn’t how I interpreted the question at all. Written words can be taken out of context with how we (the readers) interpret it in our brains.

So let me answer the question & hopefully get it across with the same meaning as my heart says it…

It’s when you’re the last one on my mind before I sleep and the first thing when I wake up.

It’s when not hearing from you for half an hour bothers me so much that I am rendered unproductive.

It’s when my heart feels like it’s being twisted that I lose my breath from pain when we fight.

& it is when I am willing to spend all my time with you even with an impending END right around the corner.


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