Sweet Tourmaline

Fragile at a glance
My sweet Tourmaline
Im in a trance
Love flowing within

Caught me by surprise
With your innocent smile
Now baptized
In this unconventional isle

Let me see those eyes
As I linger in your embrace
Hold me under the skies
Envelop me as you move with grace

Dreams i have of you and me
Turn it to a memory
I walk the earth dazed in glee
To be with you – my trajectory

Your soft lips i long to taste
To run my hands along your waist
You, my love, are more precious than gold
Oh, Your face to behold

Sweet, enchanting Tourmaline
Soft kisses, oh, where to begin?
Surround me with your love
My angel sent from above

I give you forever
No time will i spare
Leave you, no never
This I swear

Take my hand, let's walk the unknown
Stumble together through every stone
Let's push through this race and win
Be mine forever, my sweet Tourmaline