Worlds Apart

Night and day
On opposing sides, they stay
Hands outstretched – bend and break
To bridge the gap and lull the ache

Of different minds
These lovers we’ll see
Bound and unbound
The ties that be

Peace comes along with the night
Love abounds at break of light
“Let peace stay” the lovers pray
The clock refuses and breaks away

Mid-noon draws near
With pain and cloaked fear
The divide greater than the day before
The cut deeper, blood dripping to the floor

Outstretched arms the lovers try
Longing to soothe each other’s cry
Alas, worlds apart they be
Fervently struggling to be free

Free from chains fashioned by will
Of who they were to be
Molded by time these chains that kill
Tormented lovers down on their knee

Yet struggle they do against it all
Futile it seems, each act too small
Lovers afflicted perpetually
Minds unsettled eventually

Be free from pain but be apart
Or die wounded this lover’s heart
They wait and see what morrow brings
Our sorrowful Lovers, pulled by obdurate strings.